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  • Powerful database driven e-commerce shopping cart
  • Unlimited number of products and categories
  • Web statistics, track visitors and monitor activities in real time
  • Sales Report in any period
  • Incentive Plan with coupon generating, auto-delivery and tracking
  • Live Chat support.
  • Forum bulletin board.
  • Quick book for accounting
  • Membership support
  • PHP and Perl Scripts
  • Export information to other applications
  • 1 GB disk space
  • 5 GB traffic/month
  • 10 User accounts
  • 10 E-Mail boxes
  • Free webmail
  • Free SSL seucre web server
  • Firewall security
  • Daily data backup
  • Disaster backup recover.

Website and Online Store Setup and Management

  • A fully functional website with e-commerce online store and powerful administration office is automatically setup for you after signing up and approval process is finished. You ONLY need to do are adding categories/sub-categories and products.
  • Friendly user interface and flexible web layouts allow you to select different title bars, design your company logo, define your slogan and control left panel with some functions active or inactive on the fly.
  • A simple content, describing your website, online store or company, can be your home page or a selected category/sub-category of products can be display on your home page.

Friendly and Powerful Product and Category Management

  • Unlimited products and categories/sub-categories can easily be added, edited and deleted on the fly.
  • Products can be displayed with or without images or description.
  • Products can have a regular price, a sale price (optional) and a member price (optional) for different customers.
  • Products can be taxable or not taxable as you select.
  • Automatic inventory control system keeps track of inventory by subtracting from the product stock when a product is sold.
  • Automatic calculate total weight of shipping package if you enter weight of each product.
  • Products are organized by main categories or sub categories. Products can belong to more than one category.
  • A group of products (Category) or single product can be temporarily deactivated when it is out of stock and reactivated later by a single click.
  • Category attributes, such as name, background color, and display rows in each page can be changed any time.
  • You can easily control category and product positioning on your web site.

Shopping Cart Summary and Checkout Process

  • Displays content summary of the shopping cart when an item is added to the cart or when shoppers click on the shopping cart.
  • Product name, availability, quantity, unit price, total price, subtotal, shipping, tax, grand total is displayed.
  • Customers can easily delete or change the quantity of any product at the shopping cart summary page. Customers can also look at the product in detail by click on the product name.
  • Customers feel more comfortable when they know the exact total cost including actual shipping charge and sales tax before checkout.
  • Customers only need to fill in the destination zip code, then our shopping cart can find location's county and state, calculate sales tax based on you defined. Otherwise the sales tax will be zero.

SSL Secured Shopping Cart and Web Online Management

  • Secure online ordering using industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption assures customer's confidence by encrypting customer's sensitive information such as credit card information, personal information while the data is in transit.
  • The background administration login and working process is fully protected with SSL encryption. And some sensitive information, such us password and credit card no are also encrypted in our database.

Fast and Powerful Product Search Engine

  • With our fast and powerful product search engine, shoppers can search for specific products based on product name (or partial name), category/sub-category, and price range.
  • The product search engine is optimized for performance and search thoroughness with product added time, visited time and price sorting.
Real Time Shipping Charge and Sales Tax Calculation
  • Real time shipping charge and sales tax calculation base on shipping destination.
  • You can add or modify different county tax rate according shipping location.
  • Shipping and handling fee can be added to shipping charge, completely control by you.
Flexible Online Payment Options
  • Offline Credit Card Processing allow you to see the order along with the credit card information. You may process it offline by use traditional credit card terminal. No payment gateway monthly fee is needed.
  • Authorize.Net provides Internet Protocol (IP) payment gateway services that enable merchants to authorize, settle and manage credit card or electronic check transactions anytime, anywhere.
  • iTracact Payment services allows you to accept all kinds of secure payments from your customers in real time.
  • PayPal Payment is free to setup and use with your bank account or credit card automatically connected and worldwide accepted.
  • Check or Money Order Payment by postal mailing.
  • Other real time online payment systems will come soon or as you required.

Easily manage online Orders and Shipment with Tracking System

  • You can view, search and print orders online only by mouse clicks.
  • Shipment status and shipping vendor track no are recorded after you finished physical shipment.
  • Customers can logon to your web site to track their current orders or view their order history online. Customers can find out the current location of the package by clicking on the tracking no, whether it is on UPS's train or Fedex's airplane or Airborn's station.

Powerful Incentive Plan and Coupon Manage System

  • Flat amount discount based on minimum purchase and apply to specific category or product.
  • Free shipping based on minimum purchase and apply to specific category or product.
  • Unlimited coupon groups can be added to generate any quantities with defined string length. Each coupon group can selected automatically or manually deliver to customers or subscribers. Our coupon manage system will help you track deliver and use status of each coupon. The incentive rules can apply to each coupon group and shoppers can input the discount coupon and get the discount based on defined rule.
Professional Customer Management with Advanced E-Mail Functions
  • Automatic email confirmation sends to customer for every order.
  • Mass-email function allows you to send any information, news, coupons and ads to a single or group of customers or subscribers any time.
  • A several forwarding emails of company are automatically setup first time, you can assign these forwarding to the different employees of your company to handle and manage company daily emails.
  • Every employee can have or not have a personal email box and check mail online.

Very Useful, Powerful and Flexible Live Chat Support Program.

  • Turn your website into a successful sales conversion machine with instantinvite.
  • Chat offers customer a more inviting and convenient method to respond. Include chat links in outbound emails and have agents ready to act on referral traffic from high-value keywords.
  • Unlimited chat sessions on your website interact with your customers.
  • The chat windows is fully customizable, fast-loading and requires no downloads or installations by your customers.
  • Tacking chat records and makes readily available transcripts of every chat, including chat content details, customer name, email address, start and end time.

High Powered, Fully Scalable, and Highly Customizable Bulletin Board Forum

  • Unlimited forums can be organised into as many categories as you like.
  • Multiple language interface support.
  • Private forums and those only for specified user groups.
  • Powerful search utility.
  • Message formatting with various font styles and sizes as well as allowing quoting, code display, image posting and automatic URL linking.
  • Powerful forum, user and group permission management.

Very Useful Online Quick Book with Easily Maintenance

  • Your company daily income or expense can input to online quick book. Unlimited categories can be defined, as you need.
  • A brief summary of report with statistics data can be organized together in each year, each month, each week and even each day for quickly view and analysis.
  • Multiple books allow creating with different level of security and access rights.

Highly Secure and Effective Membership

  • Different member areas can be easily setup and control to meet various customer levels.
  • The customer with membership can access a specific group of member areas according to the price plan selected.
  • You can control a customer to be able to single/multiple login concurrently or total online time for each month based on a customer pay. Tracking and summarizing login time and online duration of each membership is an easy work.

Excellent Export Utilities

  • Customers' information can be exported to print address label in .rtf file format, which can opened by a lot of word applications, such as MS-Word, WordPerfect. Now it supports Avery® 5160, Avery® 51601 and Avery® 5162 labels.
  • Customers and order information can also be exported to .csv file, which can be opened by a lot of database, spreadsheet applications, such as, MS-Excel and Access, for other purposes.

Website Tacking with Real-time Monitor and Sale Reports with Analysis

  • Statistics and summary your website visiting times, every page access, customers who login, company users and orders are made in a specified date range.
  • Watch and monitor the activities of website and online store in real time.
  • Provides sale reports on total gross sales, subtotal, sale tax, discount, shipping fee and grand total within a specified date range.
  • A list of statistics data, either website tracking or sale reports, can be organized together in each year, each month, each week and even each day for quickly comparison and analysis.

Powerful File Store Management with High Security

  • You can fully design your website locally and upload a zipped file or files to your website and unpack the zipped file remotely without learning how to use other ftp tools.
  • A private store area with high security (outside world can not be accessed) is set for you to upload local files to the server and shared them with other employees in the different locations.

Multi-Security Level Access Roles for Different Users

  • Administrative (admin) user's access can be fully controlled.
  • A new/existing user can be added/modified with limited access rights. For example, shipping department users can be only assigned the access to ship orders but denied other administrative privileges.
Other Good and Useful Features
  • Customer feedback and response online.
  • Tell friend(s) your website can be on or off based on your determination.
  • Site news and content is fully controlled with floating display.
  • Support PHP and Perl Language.
  • Your website configurations, product pictures, files in private area and data are backup regularly to ensure maximum security. In case, they can completely restore.
  • Our powerful application and platform provide uninterrupted service even during web site updates or backup.
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